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    近日 本公司征集精品推荐:字画两幅

    时间: 2020-03-24 13:54 来源: 软广 作者: 管理员 点击:



    [collection name]: Huangshan Tangkou by Zhuang Yanjiang


    Class: miscellaneous


    [Specification]: 66 x 136 cm



    Zhuang Yanjiang, born in Baoding, Hebei Province, is the master of hanmoxuan and a painter in France. Zhuang Yanjiang, a national first-class artist and a member of China Artists Association in Hebei Province, is a master of Chinese painting art, Mr. Huang Zhou. Influenced by the style of the door and local culture, he has been fond of painting since he was a child. He has traveled all over the famous mountains, rivers, mountains, mountains, and rivers. He has visited scholars and scholars, wrote and communicated with them, loved mountains and rivers, and worked hard for more than ten years, and finally achieved great success. Although there are mountains and rivers at the bottom of the cloud pen, he is in his heart Hidden in the valley. He is good at landscapes, figures, flowers and birds, and is good at ink figures. It pays attention to the tradition, the innovation of the ancient teachers, the succinct brush and ink, the combination of work and writing, the combination of spirit and shape, and the exquisite and elegant style of painting. He is good at various styles and styles of calligraphy.


    He has participated in many domestic and foreign calligraphy and painting exhibitions and won awards. In August 2000, he was invited to hold a personal painting exhibition at China Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing, which was highly praised as "exquisite brushwork and ink painting". In 2011, he held a solo exhibition in Song zhuangshidong Gallery, a joint exhibition in Baoding gulianchi in 2013, a joint exhibition in Beijing Zhonghai AoXiang Culture Co., Ltd. in spring 2017, he was invited to attend the joint exhibition in xiong'an New Area in 2017, and he is now the vice president of Beijing Calligraphy and painting Association, a special member of the Compilation Committee of Chinese modern calligraphy and painting masters, senior honorary consultant of Singapore Academy of art, honorary Association of Jizhong poetry, calligraphy and Painting Association President, vice president, director of xiong'an Artists Association, director of xiong'an Calligraphers Association.


    Mr. Huang Zhou, a master of Chinese painting art, was influenced by the style of the door and local culture. He loved painting since he was a child. He walked on famous mountains and rivers, collected wind and sketched, visited literati and scholars, wrote and communicated, loved mountains and rivers, and worked hard for more than ten years. In a day, there will be great success. Although there are rivers and mountains at the bottom of the cloud pen, there are hills and gullies in his heart.

    说明: E:庭杰推广文案成交文案3.22字画 两幅 朱颖1700微信图片_20200322192044.jpg 

    说明: E:庭杰推广文案成交文案3.22字画 两幅 朱颖1700微信图片_20200322192101.jpg


    Picture Zhongshan stone first used strong and round lines with sharp lines to hook up the outline and venation, then used thick and thin, dry and wet ink with numerous textured and dense points, with ochre color. The old trees of Cangsong are written in the ancient seal script. The strokes are simple and vigorous, hard and soft. The composition is plump, the ink is bright, and the charm is endless. The top right corner of the picture is from the Tang mouth of Huangshan Mountain. The 36 peaks, Tiandu, Lianhua and Qianhai scenic spots are all entered from the Tang mouth.


    Mr. Zhuang Yanjiang is easy to be scattered and trivial with point painting, easy to be blurred and flat with surface painting, easy to capture the image and movement of objects with lines, and most suitable to play the characteristics of brush, ink, rice paper and silk. It fully embodies the unique artistic language of Chinese painters, is the soul of Chinese painting, and is also the author's catharsis in lyrical expression.


    Mr. Zhuang Yanjiang's landscape painting has a history of mountains and mountains, and water is all active. He can not only feel the beautiful and elegant south, clear mountains and clear water, relaxed and happy, but also feel the thick mountains and heavy water of the northern painting style, which is magnificent and heroic. He is good at understanding the magic and beauty of nature, refining the real scene and the real situation, and expressing the sentiment of the brush and ink.



    [collection name]: The beautiful mountains and rivers by Yao Zhihua


    Class: miscellaneous


    [Specification]: 110 x 285 cm



    Mr. Huang Binhong, the master of traditional Chinese painting, once said such a famous saying: "Song painting is like wine, Yuan painting is like alcohol. After Yuan Dynasty, it gradually becomes like wine and water. The closer the era is, the more water will be added. It's really worth tasting. Chinese landscape painting is simple and gradually rich. The forms of expression of landscape painting have been created and accumulated in various times. It is carried out in the process of inheritance. It has a long history, outstanding achievements and unique style, and is well-known in the world. The era calls for the change of landscape painting. People sing praises for the majestic nature of mountains and rivers, for the vast beauty of beautiful rivers and mountains, and for creating various forms of expression. Understanding of mountains and rivers, internalization of images, in the use of pen and ink, brilliant. Green landscape painting, splendor of color rendering people's love for the motherland.

    说明: E:庭杰推广文案成交文案3.22字画 两幅 朱颖1700微信图片_20200322192056.jpg


    Yao Zhihua is a landscape painter who inherits the tradition from his predecessor Gao Gu. His works let us feel the new ideas in literature and the visual impact is very strong, especially the recent gold foil landscape painting. At the same time of inheritance, it also creates a new realm. It proves that the spiritual culture of the Chinese nation has infinite vitality among artists with a sense of the times.

    说明: E:庭杰推广文案成交文案3.22字画 两幅 朱颖1700微信图片_20200322192105.jpg


    Landscape painting contains the inner cultivation consciousness of taking mountains as morality and water as nature. It also contains the traditional spirit that some ancient Chinese scholars are willing to stay away from officialdom and indulge in mountains and rivers. In addition to the pursuit of beauty, the higher level of Chinese landscape painting is the unity of man and nature. It describes the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, which are majestic and precipitous, misty and boundless, leisurely fairyland, shifting mountains and rivers, sending feelings to mountains and rivers, and forgetting things. It expresses the atmosphere and creative feelings of wisdom, benevolence, endless growth and continuous operation.

    说明: E:庭杰推广文案成交文案3.22字画 两幅 朱颖1700微信图片_20200322192108.jpg


    Through the detailed interpretation of the works, we can realize an inner world that loves life and nature, and the works have strong contemporaneity and readability. With his heroic character, sagacious thinking, profound skill and poet's temperament, the author has well transformed into modern people's recognition of aesthetic concept, the integration of natural image and heart image, and created a new pattern of contemporary green landscape painting. The new thinking he expressed proved once again that the spiritual culture of the Chinese nation has infinite vitality among artists with a sense of the times. His achievements are worthy of our encouragement and affirmation.



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